One weekend, Nancy McClain became very ill and her son had to call for an ambulance. She was initially admitted to Roane Medical and was diagnosed with having a heart-attack.

Later, she was transferred to Oak Ridge Methodist Medical, and was then discharged to us. She had developed several severe diabetic ulcers that required treatment, along with her recovery from the heart-attack. While here. she received wound care, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

Nancy stated that she “will love Lisa for the rest of my life, because [she] feel[s] like she saved [her] legs!” She will be leaving our facility soon and wil be able to go back home on July 12th, 2013. I asked her if she thought her speedy recovery was due to the care we provided. She exclaimed, “I know it is! Because of the care here along with my determination, that is why I recovered so quickly!”

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