Marilyn came to stay with us in December of 2012 after a short hospital stay for pneumonia and generalized weakness.  Marilyn has  been a pleasure to get to know and has shared her personal story with us with great pleasure.  Among her many accomplishments Marilyn is a Polio survivor and has succeeded in life despite paralysis from childhood. 

She graduated Harriman High School and enrolled in Tennessee Technological University, where she graduated with a minor in Biology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Secreterial Science.  She ran for public office and went on to serve as Roane County Register of Deeds for four and a half terms.  She decided to return to school and enrolled in Graduate School at the University of Tennessee where she obtained her Master’s Degree in Rehab Counseling. 

Marilyn served five East Tennessee counties as both counselor and counselor supervisor.  She is always happy to share her life story and tells of her many worldly travels. Some of her favorite travels are to Italy and Paris, but she lights up when she talks about experiencing the Oberammergau Passion Play in Bavaria, Germany. 

(See  Marilyn has made such great strides during her stay at Harriman Care and Rehab and states that she was so sleepy that she doesn’t remember the first three weeks of her stay.  She was unable to perform any tasks related to self care upon arrival and is going  home today able to independently meet any need. 

She is returning to Jamestown Assisted Living in Kingston to live with her cat, Misty. She has been a great source of knowledge and inspiration to all of us here at HCRC and we’ve all been touched by her life story! Best of wishes Marilyn, keep the spirit!

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