Another day of therapy for Cindy, standing tall in her fight against MS. Cindy was diagnosed with MS almost 27 years ago. She has been unable to stand for almost eight years now. Recently, she went to her doctor and expressed her wish to stand to help decrease the contractures that were starting in her legs. Physical Therapy stepped in and began getting Cindy in the standing frame.

She has been able to stand for a little over one hour. Cindy says it helps to decrease her sciatica pain, sit up straighter in her chair, and she is able to straighten her legs more now.

She also really enjoys the therapy dog, Teddy. She loves how he eats and sleeps a lot. Cindy says,”It’s given me new hope with life. The therapy staff gets six out five stars.” Cindy believes in the sign behind her that says, “With God all things are possible.”

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