Eternally Grateful

Dear Terina,

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the opportunity to be here.  God places us where we need to be and when; for me it was as a Rehab resident at Harriman Care and Rehab Center.  He sent you as my first angel from here the day you drove all the way to Jefferson County to evaluate me.

Your staff have been professional, courteous, caring and Compassionate from day 1.   I have met some wonderful people all over the facility, however, I have made new friends and have new family members, people that have touched me in their own personal ways.  Yourself, Rose M., Marsha, Dena (Needle Goddess), Debbie, Chris, Rose T., Carolyn, Wanda, Jennifer, Melanie, Crystal W., Colby, Mary (3rd shift), Karen, Nick, Donna (3rd shift), Charlsy, Marnet, John (Housekeeping), Lolita, Chaplain Tom, Jeremy, David, Tara, Carlo, Cindy, Lauren.

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To the staff at Harriman Care and Rehab,

Thank you so much for the care, support and above all the love you gave to mom.  You helped to make this facility her new home.

Cagley family


Voice of the Customer

I have had “one” exceptional experince at Harriman Care and Rehab that began in 2010 for my parents and continues to today.  The care has always been professional, kind, caring, and compassionate.  Also, I have always noted staff to be respectful of the residents and the fact that they are human beings who still deserve to be treated well.  As a daughter, I have always felt welcome at Harriman Care and Rehab.  Throughout difficult times the staff has also shown me much kindness, compassion, and support.

Linda D’Ann Clayborne

Voice of the Customer

When my dad, George Kirkland, passed away four years ago, the nurses were very kind.  They showed him such compassion at the end of his days.  I loved my dad dearly and still miss him.  He loved to go on any and all of the trips that the residents went on.  On his last birthday in August, we took hom and mom outside on the front porch and set up a little table.  We brought food and a cake.  Dad so loved sharing his cake with people and staff.  My mother doesn’t remember that dad is gone.  The staff has always been so good to my parents and I appreciate each and every one of them!

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Voice of the Customer

Freids’s rehab team is the BEST!  They have brought her a long way in three and a half weeks.  I have seen the rehab teams in other facilities and none can compare to those at Harriman Care and Rehab.

-Charlotte Akers

AARP Driver Safety

Thank you so much for the goodie bags that you donated.  They were used as door prizes in the September AARP Driver Safety class.  I, as an instructor, truly appreciate your donation and hope that you will continue to support both Mid-East Community Action Agency whom I partner with to do these classes.

Again, thank you

Diana Davis

The staff and your colleagues at Harriman Care did a magnificent job of taking care of our Father, Boyd Sharp, and we are incredibly appreciative of all the hard work, dedication, and loyalty from your nursing staff, therapy team, and administrative staff. I appreciated Mary, as she answered the phone, always knowing who I was, and for whom I was calling!  Your Chaplain, Tom, was incredibly gracious and solicitous each time i saw him in the hallway after I met him, and introduced myself to him. Your care for our father was tremendous, and we cannot express how thankful we are for all the kindnesses extended to us by Shelly in the Social Work area, and also by Dr. Wakham. Everett in Respiratory Therapy went above and beyond the call of duty as he had such a difficult time caring for Dad, due to his dementia and reactions to some of the drugs he needed to take. We are forever indebted to all for his care and for all the staff’s kind attitudes towards Boyd— who was NOT an easy patient!

We’ve sent several personal notes to those who directly worked to assist and encourage our Dad, but there were so many open-hearts and hands who assisted us in making certain Boyd was well-cared for that it’s difficult to call each by name. Babs and Ella were two who endeavored to make certain, health-wise, that Dad was always safe and felt secure and clean! Thank you for hiring excellent individuals with a love for the elderly, as we were grateful recipients of their love, their professionalism, and their high standards.
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Relay for Life

Thank you so much for being a great team captain of the Harriman Care and Rehab Relay for Life team. You and your team worked so hard, and I appreciate all you did. We had a wonderful relay, and you and your team were an important part of our success. We do help to make a difference in so many people’s lives that it makes me proud to be a part of Relay for Life!

Thank you from Mike and Velma

You are special and so appreciated!  Thank you for your care and kindness towards Bob. We will always remember you!

Mike and Velma