Eternally Grateful

Dear Terina,

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the opportunity to be here.  God places us where we need to be and when; for me it was as a Rehab resident at Harriman Care and Rehab Center.  He sent you as my first angel from here the day you drove all the way to Jefferson County to evaluate me.

Your staff have been professional, courteous, caring and Compassionate from day 1.   I have met some wonderful people all over the facility, however, I have made new friends and have new family members, people that have touched me in their own personal ways.  Yourself, Rose M., Marsha, Dena (Needle Goddess), Debbie, Chris, Rose T., Carolyn, Wanda, Jennifer, Melanie, Crystal W., Colby, Mary (3rd shift), Karen, Nick, Donna (3rd shift), Charlsy, Marnet, John (Housekeeping), Lolita, Chaplain Tom, Jeremy, David, Tara, Carlo, Cindy, Lauren.

To summarize, your facility is exactly 90 miles from my door to your front door, and I would choose your facility everytime.  I am very impressed with the support system and the emotivation demonstrated by your staff, especially your Rehab Team.

Your staff and facility have helped me to regain some quality of life, to save my life.  For that, I am eternally grateful.



Kristi Smith, Resident